This assignment asks you to finish the implementation of a program that assesses the level of infection in a tissue sample. You are given data representing a rectangular tissue sample, overlaid with a grid. Certain portions of the tissue are infected; others are not. Your goal is to help assess the extent of the infection by writing a program that, given the coordinates of a colony of infection, can determine its size. A typical use of the program follows. The user interacts with the program only through command-line arguments. The user supplies to the program a data filename and the coordinates of a cell in the grid. The coordinates are specified by row and then column, both starting at zero. The program calculates the extent of infection at that coordinate and outputs a two-dimensional representation of the tissue sample. Figure 1 depicts(叙述) the execution(执行) of the program. infect



using namespace std;

#include “grid.h”

// You do not need to alter function indexof.
int grid::indexof (int row, int col) const {
return row*cols+col;

// You do not need to alter function infected.
bool grid::infected(int row, int col) const {
return (area->operator[](indexof(row, col)) == INFECTED);

// You may need to alter the constructor
grid::grid (string file) {
ifstream grid_file;

grid_file.open (file.c_str());

grid_file >> rows;
grid_file >> cols;

area = new vector(rowscols, NOT_INFECTED);
note = new vector(rows
cols, “0 “);
while (true) {

int blob_row;
int blob_col;

grid\_file >> blob\_row;
grid\_file >> blob\_col;

if (grid_file.eof()) {

area->operator\[\](indexof(blob\_row,blob\_col)) = INFECTED;
note->operator\[\](indexof(blob\_row,blob\_col)) = "1  ";



// You may need to alter the destructor
grid::~grid () {
delete area;
delete note;

// You will need to alter this function to display the
// plus signs (+) next to the cells that belong to
// a counted colony.
ostream &operator<<(ostream &stream, const grid& ob) {

for (int row=0; row < ob.rows; row++) {

for (int col=0; col < ob.cols; col++) {
  //stream << ob.area->operator\[\](ob.indexof(row, col));
  stream << ob.note->operator\[\](ob.indexof(row, col));

stream << endl;


stream << endl;
return stream;

// Replace the return statement in this function with your
// recursive implementation of this method */
int grid::count (int row, int col) {
if(0<=row&&row < rows&&0<=col&&col < cols)
if(infected( row,col)&&note->operator[](indexof(row,col)) ==”1 “)
note->operator[](indexof( row,col)) =”1+ “;
return 1+count (row+1, col+1)+count (row+1, col)+
count (row+1, col-1)+count (row, col-1)+
count (row , col+1)+count (row-1, col+1)+
count (row-1, col )+count (row-1, col-1);
return 0;
else return 0;
/*string grid::noteplus(int row,int col) const{
if(note->operator[](indexof(row, col)) == INFECTED){
return “+ “;
return “ “;


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