0.5M installation package, minimal browser subvert your IT view

“Browser, one point is enough”

This is my heartfelt sigh with a bit of a browser (I think this sentence can be submitted to a bit of a browser as a great advertisement). A bit of a browser is Sogou launched a new product on March 23, 2015. Its installation package is only about 0.5M (equivalent to a picture) in size, known as the world’s smallest browser software, and the exclusive launch of “right-click to close the webpage quickly.” Features. In fact, when the browser was released on the 23rd of last month, I heard about it in the news. At that time, I didn’t think about it. I thought about the 0.5M installation package. Its function is bound to be limited, and it may just be Sogou’s gimmick.Recently used QQ browser, it is IE kernel, more than 4M installation package, this size is enough to be amazing.Later, because in the QQ link will always open in the QQ browser, and QQ browser I is not commonly used, nor is it the default browser, so each open a QQ link, QQ browser are out.Later, tired, tired, and then let go.At this point I remembered a bit of the browser I heard before, so I downloaded it and tried it out.No need to use it, completely subverted their own view of IT. Although the size of the installation package is only 565KB, which is less than half the size of an ordinary mobile phone photo, the browser functionality of a bit of browser is readily available: browsing the web, watching videos, download management, historical records, and webpage collections; Have. Bit Browser UI A bit of browsing UI-history [/ Caption] [caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”644”] Bit Browser UI - About A bit of the browser’s kernel is also IE, but its startup speed and web page fluency far exceeds The IE11 browser installed on my computer, and the UI is clean and simple, the window animation is also very good.Although the IE browser’s fluency is widely criticized, sometimes we have to consider it as a backup browser in consideration of web compatibility issues.So, we might as well use a bit of browser to replace IE.(Replacement is not equal to uninstall. Extreme visitors think that a bit of the browser should be called the IE kernel, rather than native integration, uninstall carefully.)

Why do I write this article

The purpose of writing this article is by no means taking the benefit of Sogou and writing soft papers for it.Instead, I want to express my thoughts on today’s Internet product model. Undoubtedly, Internet products are now becoming more and more complex, more and more powerful, more and more exquisite, QQ, WeChat, super curriculum, etc. They are frequently updated one by one, on the one hand, in order to enhance the quality of their products, On the one hand, he wants to add more advertisements.Taking QQ as an example, the former QQ can only chat, but now it has joined various kinds of food and drink, personalized dress, online business, QQ space is often mandatory to add advertising, of course, while QQ has added many files such as mobile phone download, anonymous, voice , group calls, and other necessary functions. What is more obvious is everyone. This APP, which focuses on campus social networking, once swept the university campus of the nation, and it is now becoming a heavily-disastered area for advertising. Extreme guests have decided to let everyone down. Most of the software we use today is free. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to place ads in free internet products. I also hate advertising, but I also add ads to my blog to get extra money. It is a contradictory community.I think QQ, everyone is the same.Because of advertising, I have abandoned everyone. I think many people are just like me. This will certainly lead to a fall in the market for everyone. User experience, product profits, struggles in the Internet market.Is it really impossible to find a unified existence between the two? For the user’s viscosity, QQ launched a light chat version, everyone launched a mini version of everyone, these conscience products do not have advertising, features simple, which will undoubtedly restore many users.In the Baidu mobile assistant’s display, as of the time when I made an article, the QQ chat version has a download volume of 41.8 million, and the download volume of everyone’s mini version has even reached 100 million! Internet products are free, but Internet companies are not charitable companies. In the Internet era where competition is fierce and users are king, whoever seizes customers has everything.In the choice of advertising and users, Internet companies are forced to launch a series of products that seem to be conscience such as the QQ version, everyone’s mini, and browsers.Behind it is the fierce competition in the Internet world!